AqSep products

The WM B-Series and the WM E-Series.

The product range

The “of the shelf” range of standard products, known as Watermakers, consist of two series:


The WM B-Series and the WM E-Series.


The WM E-Series is fully automatic and equipped with one of the world’s most efficient and robust energy recovery devices for small desalination units.

Energy recovery is a technique that minimizes the amount of energy used to produce freshwater… and it is for sure reducing running cost with up to 70%.

The WM B-series are without energy recovery and will occasionally require manual control of membrane pressure. However still extremely high quality and used where energy cost is low.

All the systems are available with GSM modules enabling remote control and monitoring via your mobile phone or computer.

E product range – Up to 70%more efficient



Our smallest model in the Watermaker E-series is the Watermaker WM4800E-321. This model has a patented energy recovery system minimizing the power consumption to around 1 kW continuous power, 3.5 kWh/m³ (13 kWh/1000 gallons).


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The next step in our Watermaker E series is the Watermaker WM9000E-340. This model also has a patented energy recovery system which cuts the power consumption further down to around 2.4 kWh/m³ (9 kWh/1000 gallons) or better.


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The Watermaker WM11000E-340 was designed for those applications where energy consumption was the prime design criteria. By optimizing the layout, we managed to maintain the high quality of water produced and at the same time get the efficiency right down where mega plants are today… 2.2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/1000 gallons) or better.


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After releasing the largest model in the Watermaker series the WM22000E-340 it is evident that we have entered the market for large private villas as well as industrial applications with a bull’s eye product! Clients are using this unit either as a stand alone or with multiple units in parallel. The record to date is 7 units in parallel giving a production of up to 155.000 liters / 41.000 gallons per day.


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B product range – Value for money



The WM4000B-321 sea water RO Watermaker is based on the advanced technology of the initial WaterCube2 AqSep designed back in 2005 as well as the WM-E line of products.


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The WM9000B is a powerful desalination unit with an attractive price and competitive running costs does make it a solid choice in most places. This Watermaker is great value for money.


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The WM18700B-340 can produce up to 18.700 liters/4.940 gallons of water per day. Designed around a very efficient high-pressure pump and a new membrane concept the unit will provide unsurpassed performance for sea water RO units without energy recovery systems. At only 6.3 kWh/m³ (24 kWh/1000 gallon).


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With desalination units being installed in non-technical room the appearance of the unit plays a factor. For this reason, we have developed an enclosure which will let the WM22000E appear sleek looking while still allowing easy access to the control panel and filter housings.


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How does it work?

Desalination units purifies salt/sea or brackish water into high quality drinking water using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. Salt water RO is a separation process, using high pressure to force salt/sea water through a membrane that retains all salts and other dissolved and suspended matters on one side and allows only pure water to pass to the other side without the use of chemicals of any kind.

The RO method has been known and recognised for many years and is commonly used in desalination plants for public water supply, in hotels, hospitals and on ships.

Where can it be used?

Our Watermakers can mainly be used in coastal areas and on islands where normal sources of fresh water are limited and/or of bad quality. The unit is not only suited for private homeowners but can also be used in hospitals and health clinics and for remote communities. It is also ideal for commercial use such as in small hotels, restaurants, camper parks, marinas, yacht clubs, island settlements and resorts, etc.

Watermakers may also be used as a primary source or as a back-up for the provision of drinking water to police and military facilities, or to public institutions in coastal areas, or on islands… If you need more water than 22,000 litres per day (5,812 gallons) for the E-series or 18,700 litres (4,940 gallons) per day for the B-series, you can install more units in parallel.

What is the water production costs?

The WM11000E can produce 11,000 litres (2,906 gallons) of drinking water per day (24 hours). A typically consumption of less than 1.5 kW power when desalinating normal sea water is possible. This brings the typical energy consumption down to about 3 kW per 1,000 litres at 35,000 mg/l TDS (25 °C). This is significantly below the level of most other desalination units of this capacity.

The cost of production of water depends on which Watermaker model you choose, the price of electricity, the degree of product utilisation, the cost of labour and the expenses for filters, spare parts and membrane cleaning and replacement. It may be assumed that for the WM E-series the total production costs can be as low as US$ 5-6 per 1,000 gallons or 1 Euro per 1,000 litres).