22000 liters/5812 gallons per day

The largest model in the Watermaker E-series is the Watermaker WM22000E-340

At present our largest single unit is the WM22000 liters/5812 gallons per day – for large private homes, medium sized hotels as well as more industrialized applications in coastal areas.


After releasing the largest model in the Watermaker series the WM22000E-340 it is evident that we have entered the market for large private villas as well as industrial applications with a bull’s eye product! Clients are using this unit either as a stand alone or with multiple units in parallel. The record to date is 7 units in parallel giving a production of up to 155.000 liters / 41.000 gallons per day. Having units in parallel does provide our clients with a sting of advantages such as ramping up and down production according to the actual demand minimizing the need for large storage tanks, safeties in having redundancy etc.


This unit is still extremely efficient around 2.2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/1000 gallons) or better.  It is fully automatically as all the WM-E models and controlled via a level switch in the product tank. The WM22000E measuring 1192 x 563 x 730 mm (47 x 20 x 29 inches) and weighs only around 120 kg (265 lbs). This practical design makes access to all components easy and quick. This new Watermaker gives the customer great value for money.


Water production costs are typically less than Euro 0.6/US$ 0.8 per m³ or around US$ 3–4 per 1000 gallons.


Please contact us for more information on the excellent features and qualities of this Watermaker.

The WM22000E-340:  Powerfull, easy to service, energy recovery system… simple, yet intelligent

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