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In this section you’ll find a short presentation of selected case stories that aim to show the many application of our Watermakers and which experiences our customers have had with the product.


Small private villa – Aegina, Greece

A homeowner in the island of Aegina in Greece discovered that watering his newly established garden with municipal water was a very costly exercise indeed. At more than Euros 7 per m³ (US$ 30 per 1000 gallons) the costs of watering the garden was around Euro 35 (US$ 42) per day. As the home is very near to the sea the owner got interested in reverse osmosis options.


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Large private estate – Jumby Bay, Antigua

In some cases, a single Watermaker is not enough to supply the required amount of water. For a large villa complex covering 18,000 ft² (1,672 m²) with an 82’ (25 m) pool and multiple archers of land a solution with four WM11000E Watermakers have been installed. The villa is situated at Jumby Bay a private island off the coast of Antigua with 56 private homes and 40 hotel rooms.


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Industrial – Pioneer Cleaners, Turks and Caicos

With an increasing daily effort to maintain a reverse osmosis freshwater treatment system and an increasing water bill something had to be done. Just 6 weeks after initial contact to AqSep a new supply well had been drilled and two WM22000E units were up and running in parallel. Subsequently additionally units have been added.


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Isolated island – Coral Sea, Australia

After the category 5 cyclone Yasi on February 2011 damaged core infrastructure on Willis Island the remote located weather monitoring station obtained new desalination units from AqSep. The installation features two WM4800E units to ensure supply safety for the 4-person crew manning the station.


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Rural communities – Indonesia

In connection with several water supply programmes by for small communities in remote coastal areas and in small islands by the Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, AqSep has supplied a large number of the WM9000E-340 desalination units to Indonesian contractors.


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Offshore installation – Australian navy

Like offshore installations such as oil rigs or fish farms, ocean going navy vessels are accustomed with the generation of freshwater from seawater. They cannot rely on storage tanks but requires freshwater production to be available 24/7.


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