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Here you will find a short presentation of selected cases that aim to show the many applications of our desalination units and the experiences our customers have had with our products.


Small private villa – Aegina, Greece

A homeowner in the island of Aegina in Greece discovered that watering his newly established garden with municipal water was a very costly exercise indeed. At more than Euros 7 per m³ (US$ 30 per 1000 gallons) the costs of watering the garden was around Euro 35 (US$ 42) per day. As the home is very near to the sea the owner got interested in reverse osmosis options.


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Large private estate – Jumby Bay, Antigua

The private estate is situated at Jumby Bay which is a private island off the coast of Antigua with 56 private homes and 40 hotel rooms. The island has no natural water supply, and the private homes therefore depend on the island’s central water supply for fresh water and electricity.


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Industrial – Pioneer Cleaners, Turks and Caicos

After struggling with an increasing daily effort to maintain a previously installed reverse osmosis system and an increasing water bill, the customer realized that something had to be done. As a result, the customer contacted AqSep.


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Isolated island – Coral Sea, Australia

In February 2011, the category five cyclone, Yasi, damaged the infrastructure on Willis Island. For that reason, the infrastructure had to be re-established more or less from new.


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Rural communities – Indonesia

The Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has initiated several water supply programmes for small communities in remote coastal areas and on small islands. In many Indonesian areas, saline ground water and salt water intrusion cause constant difficulties for the local communities. 


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Offshore installation – Australian navy

Like offshore installations such as oil rigs or fish farming, ocean-going navy vessels are accustomed to produce fresh water from seawater. The vessels cannot rely on storage tanks but require freshwater production to be available 24/7.


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