A homeowner in the Bahamas faced challenges with his public water supply due to poor water quality and low water pressure on the property, resulting in not enough pressure in the faucets. For that reason, the owner developed an interest in desalination options.


Through a local installer, he learned about and was recommended AqSep desalination solutions. Subsequently, a WM9000E desalination unit was installed in 2011, which has had significant implications for his water supply.


After installing the WM9000E desalination unit, which produces 9,000 liters/2,300 gallons of fresh water per day, the water supply has been running perfectly. The homeowner expresses great satisfaction with the implementation of the product and the local service. Service has been conducted continuously by a local AqSep partner over the years.


The homeowner says: “It has made a major difference in the daily life of my family. We have perfect water for showering, washing clothes without discoloring and other daily needs. But most important, we can drink the water from the tap, and we can make our perfect Italian espressos. Every day!”


The AqSep turnkey solution has reduced his water costs and supplied him with his own independent and durable water supply of high quality. This enables him to have pure water for all his household purposes. The purchase of the desalination unit has thus been highly valuable to him.



The private estate is situated at Jumby Bay; a private island off the coast of Antigua. The island has no natural water supply, and the private homes therefore depend on the island’s central water supply for fresh water and electricity.


AqSep found the perfect solution for the customer and his needs. For a private estate of this size covering 18,000 ft² (1,672 m²) with an 82’ (25 m) pool and multiple acres of land, a single watermaker is not enough to supply the estate with the required amount of water. For that reason, four WM11000E desalination units were installed at the private estate. With this desalination system, the owner can self-sufficiently meet the demand for drinking water.


As the desalination units obtain power from the estate’s own solar power plant, they predominantly run during the hours where the sun reaches its highest point. The units then reap excess energy and harness this to produce fresh water. If required, power can also be taken from the solar cell system’s battery storage. Each WM11000E unit can run individually or in parallel depending on available power and water demands.


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