Independent supply for a 18,000 ft² estate

In some cases, a single Watermaker is not enough to supply the required amount of water. For a large villa complex covering 18,000 ft² (1,672 m²) with an 82’ (25 m) pool and multiple archers of land a solution with four WM11000E Watermakers have been installed. The villa is situated at Jumby Bay a private island off the coast of Antigua with 56 private homes and 40 hotel rooms. The island has no natural water supply, so the private homes otherwise depends on the island hotel for fresh water and electricity. See more about Jumby Bay Island on:


As the desalination system obtains power from the villas own solar power plant, it predominantly run during the peak sun hours of the day. Thereby harvesting excess energy and storing it into fresh water. If required power can also be taken from the solar plant battery storage. With the AqSep system the owner can cover the energy and potable water demand self-sufficiently.

The Watermakers obtains feed water from a common beach well established in a breakwater structure. Each WM11000E can be run individually or in parallel, depending on available power and requirement for water.


Similar setups have been realised on other location in the Caribbean and in South East Asia involving from two to four units.