Water supply for isolated island in the Australian Coral Sea

In February 2011, the category five cyclone, Yasi, damaged the infrastructure on Willis Island. For that reason, the infrastructure had to be re-established more or less from new.


In this context, AqSep has supplied the remote weather monitoring station with new desalination units. The installation features two WM4800E units that run in an alternating fashion. This ensures supply safety for the four staff members who man the station. With fresh supplies and crew rotations only twice a year, it is essential to have supply safety as there is no natural water on this 500×150 meter (1640×492 ft) coral island.


Thanks to AqSep desalination technology, the monitoring station is now supplied with an energy-efficient and durable water supply. With regular inspection executed by the local distributor, the units still run today after eight years.