As with other offshore installations such as oil rigs or fish farming, ocean-going navy vessels are accustomed to produce fresh water from seawater. However, the vessels cannot rely on storage tanks but require freshwater production to be available 24/7.


Several Australian navy vessels had to be updated with new seawater desalination units as the previously installed units were lacking capacity. The Navy needed to ensure that adequate water was available for the increased crew sizes. Due to space and power constraints, the desalination units were required to fit within the existing space and produce more water without exceeding the previous power consumption.


In this case, single WM4800E desalination units were installed. These units fit the space allocated and produce 67% more water while expending less than 50% of the energy compared to the previous desalination units. The WM4800E units were additionally chosen due to their manufactured quality and long-term reliability. As a result, the scheduled maintenance has also been significantly reduced.


Owing to AqSep desalination technology, the crew now has plenty of fresh water, and they no longer have to worry about maintenance efforts as the desalination units operate fully automatically and adapt to changes in seawater salinity and temperature.

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