Offshore installations

Like offshore installations such as oil rigs or fish farms, ocean going navy vessels are accustomed with the generation of freshwater from seawater. They cannot rely on storage tanks but requires freshwater production to be available 24/7.


For a retrofit on more vessels in a specific class, the requirement were to supply more water with the same power supply while keeping within the same physical space.

The WM4800E was a good match in this case. It produces 67% more water and consumes less than 50% of the energy. Further the scheduled maintains have been greatly reduced, in comparison to the previous unit with its plunger pump. Even the use of space was reduced.


After installation and several deployments the crew have reported, that they now have plenty water and no longer need to worry about looking after the freshwater system. This comes as the Watermaker is fully automatic and also will adapt to changes in seawater salinity and temperature.