“Anyone who can solve the problems of water
will be worthy of two Nobel prizes
– one for peace and one for science.”

 – John F. Kennedy


AqSep is not at all considering themselves as a candidate for any Nobel prize … for now. The technology of Reverse Osmosis was discovered in 1748, tested in desalting seawater in 1959 and finally, from the late 1970 and onwards the actual Reverse Osmosis membranes has become widely available.

At AqSep we have developed and refined most of the other key components in a desalination unit. Together with Danfoss, a Fortune 500 company in Denmark, we have developed both the intelligent software as well as invented one of the most efficient and robust seawater pump-energy recovery device in the world.

We know that you as a user should not be faced with the hassle of turn key systems not performing as expected, therefore we are working with and through local installers who has local knowledge in getting your installation right the first time. Becoming an AqSep installer includes an intensive training where all the knowledge we have obtained through the years are given on.


Our units are used as single units or as multiple units in parallel. Thereby we can offer a cost-effective solution for consumptions from as little as 2 m³ – 633 gal per day and up to 150 m³ – 40.000 gal per day. Since you oversee your own water production there is no limit to how much water you can use.


Due to our high overall efficiency solar power is widely used to run the Watermakers… and it does make sense transforming sunshine into freshwater while minimizing your carbon footprint!


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The Seawater is purified without the use of chemicals and artificial additives. If cleaning of the membranes is required, the membranes will be removed by your service agent and cleaned and regenerated in a controlled environment.


The highly efficient high-pressure pump contains no oil or any other chemicals or artificial lubricants that may cause pollution of the environment. The high-pressure pump uses only the pumped media, in this case salty water, as lubricating agent. The low energy consumption of the unit contributes to lower carbon emissions.

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The power consumption for the Watermaker series is record low for a salt water reverse osmosis plant and significantly lower than competing machines. You can rest assured that the low power consumption is our priority and we work hard to further reduce the energy consumption and at this time the power consumption is so low that ordinary domestic power installations are that be single or triple phase This translates into a power consumption of right down to around 2.2 kWh/m³ (13 kWh/1000 gallon).


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