Our units are used as single units or as multiple units in parallel. Thereby we can offer a cost-effective solution for consumptions from as little as 2 m³ – 633 gal per day and up to 150 m³ – 40.000 gal per day. Since you oversee your own water production there is no limit to how much water you can use.


Due to our high overall efficiency solar power is widely used to run the Watermakers… and it does make sense transforming sunshine into freshwater while minimizing your carbon footprint!


Our units are as generically producing freshwater without the use of chemicals. The mean time between service is primarily related to the quality of the feedwater (sea/well water). In the initial installation of a complete system measures are taken by the installer to ensure a problem free installation… We have experience from several Watermakers running for 5+ years without any major maintenance requirements when it is done the right way.


In house use, irrigation, swimming pool top up…. you name it, water is life. Havin access to more water give you the possibility to use as much as you want and still thrive to reduce your carbon footprint for the benefit of coming generations and at the same time maintain modern living.