AqSep A/S is an international company with its prime activity in research, development and production of water desalination  systems utilizing and combining the latest technology developed in close cooperation with Danfoss A/S, a global leader within mechanical and electronic components for the industry.

Our products help minimizing the disadvantages in water scarcity by supplying small water desalination  systems with record low energy consumption, hence one of the smallest carbon emission footprints in decentralised water supply systems, to the convenience of modern life as well as to a safer and cleaner environment.

Through innovative design and electronics we provide robust products of high quality, reliability, and versatility. AqSep strives to meet its goals with minimal consumption of raw materials and energy, the least possible impact on the surrounding environment, and the most efficient use of resources.

AqSep comprises a global network of business partners , agents and distributors, all managed by local companies  who know the special needs of their individual markets. Sales engineers and highly qualified technicians staff the offices and AqSep´s products are sold, services and trusted around most of the world.

AqSep A/S is a Danish company owned by a few investors. AqSep is located within the premisis of Danfoss in Nordborg, Denmark. As such, there are strong links and continuous cooperation between AqSep and Danfoss.

For more information on Danfoss, please refer to www.danfoss.com

The RO systems produced by AqSep comprise components manufactured by Danfoss and other industrial leaders. AqSep works together with Danfoss on development of new, energy optimised and environmentally friendly hydraulic concepts and pumping solutions.

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