Low energy costs

Rest assured that low power consumption is our priority

The power consumption for the Watermaker series is record low for a salt water reverse osmosis plant and significantly lower than competing machines. You can rest assured that the low power consumption is our priority and we work hard to further reduce the energy consumption and at this time the power consumption is so low that ordinary domestic power installations are that be single or triple phase This translates into a power consumption of right down to around 2.2 kWh/m³ (13 kWh/1000 gallon). At the same time, we aim to make it simple to connect units to solar power installations.

….Energy efficient and yet still robust and simple….


The water is typically at a quality level which compares favorably to mineral water. You should think about a Watermaker in the same way as you think at your aircon or boiler…. they are just there when you need their product cold air or warm water…. we just supply the water!