With a freshwater production of up to 18,700 liters/4,940 gallons per day, this desalination unit is ideal for large private homes, medium sized hotels, minor resorts and for more industrialized use in coastal areas.

The REEF WATERMAKER is designed around a very efficient high-pressure pump and a new membrane concept. These features have the effect that the desalination unit will provide unsurpassed performance for seawater desalination units without energy recovery systems. During freshwater production, it uses only 6.3 kWh/m³ (24 kWh/1,000 gallons) of product water.


The desalination unit has an energy consumption that is significantly below most other units of this size on the market. However, it still maintains one of the highest quality levels in the industry at a very competitive price. The watermaker measures 1,192x462x750 mm (47x18x30 inches) and weighs 130 kg (287 lbs).


The REEF WATERMAKER is a very economical solution with an adequate water production for many purposes. It is thus a high-quality solution that is affordable for everyone.


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The WM18700B-340: Compact, economical and easy to service.

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