BUNGALOW WATERMAKER – 4,000 liters/1,057 gallons of freshwater per day.

This desalination unit is ideal for small private homes, small hotels, and remote settlements on islands or in coastal areas.

  • Bungalow Watermaker

    • Unit price 15-18,000 US$ / Installation not included
    • Economical and easy to service
    • Fully automatic
    • Incredibly compact
    • Est. 10.8 kWh/m³
    • Est. 41 kWh/1,000 gallons

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The WM4000B-321: Compact, economical and easy to service.


Bungalow Watermaker with installation


    The BUNGALOW WATERMAKER is based on the advanced technology of the initial WaterCube2, which we designed back in 2005. The desalination unit operates fully automatically, and the integrated custom-made controller eliminates all the normal inconveniences of seawater desalination systems with only one valve remaining to adjust pressure. During freshwater production, the watermaker uses approximately 10.8 kWh/m³ (41 kWh/1,000 gallons) of product water.


    This watermaker is incredibly compact as it measures no more than 734x400x402 mm (29x16x16 inches) and weighs 22 kg (37 lbs). The practical design of the unit makes it fast and easy for you to access all components.


    The BUNGALOW WATERMAKER is a very economical solution with an adequate water production for many purposes. It is thus a high-quality solution that is affordable for everyone.


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