With a freshwater production of 9,000 liters/2,378 gallons per day, this desalination unit is ideal for large private homes, small to medium sized hotels and remote communities on islands or in coastal areas.

The CHALET WATERMAKER is a powerful desalination unit that ensures you great value for money. The watermaker has an attractive price and competitive running costs which makes the unit a solid choice in most places. During freshwater production, it uses approximately 6.4 kWh/m³ (24 kWh/1,000 gallons) of product water.


Apart from the energy recovery system, the desalination unit is based on the technology of the WM-E line of products. It measures 1,199x400x427 mm (47x16x17 inches) and weighs 60 kg (132 lbs). With these dimensions, it is among the lightest and most compact desalination units in the world. The practical design of the unit makes it fast and easy for you to access all components.


The CHALET WATER;ALER is a very economical solution with an adequate water production for many purposes. It is thus a high-quality solution that is affordable for everyone.


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The WM9000B-340: Compact, economical and easy to service.

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