– Solar powered water and renewable water supply

Our desalination units are used as single units or as multiple units in parallel. We can thus offer a cost-effective solution for consumption ranging from 2 to 150 m³/day (633 to 40,000 gallons/day). Since you are in charge of the water production yourself, there are no limits as to how much water you can use.


Due to our overall high efficiency, solar power is widely used to run the desalination units, and it indeed does make sense to transform sunshine into fresh water while minimizing your carbon footprint.


Our units are generically producing fresh water without the use of chemicals. The mean time between service is primarily related to the quality of the feedwater (seawater/well water). In the initial installation of a complete system, measures are taken by the local installer to ensure a problem free installation. We have experience from several desalination units running for 5+ years without any major maintenance requirements.


Water is used for many purposes including for household purposes, irrigation and swimming pools. By having access to more water, you have the opportunity to use as much as you want while still being able to reduce your carbon footprint, which is beneficial for future generations!

Solar powered water and renewable water supply