In 2016 two AqSep watermakers were installed on an Island in the Caribbean. The client required 5.800 gal/day for his 2000 square feet villa, including a 5-foot deep pool and lovely garden with trees and lawn.


When we revisited the Client in June 2022 the two units had run 32.478 hours each with minimum maintenance and were still going strong.


These watermakers have a capacity of 5,800 gallons per day. That quantity of water if purchased from the water company would result in a monthly water bill of US $9,000, or the equivalent of US $290 per day.


By comparison, running AqSep RO systems at full capacity will amount to US $1,500 per month, or US $50 per day, taking both electricity and maintenance costs into consideration. This allows a payback period of approximately one year, or 8000 hours. Since then, the accumulated savings on our client’s water bill has reached US $245.000!


AqSep Watermakers have enabled this kind of savings due to two decisive design criteria’s:


  1.  All whetted parts in AqSep Watermakers are made of plastic, duplex stainless steel, and Titanium….no corrosion at all.
  2. AqSep Watermakers are equipped with an energy recovery device that reduces the power consumption by up to 63%….. for very low electric bills.


We will revisit the client again in 32.000 hours’ time and let you know how it goes.



A homeowner in the Bahamas faced challenges with his public water supply due to poor water quality and low water pressure on the property, resulting in not enough pressure in the faucets. For that reason, the owner developed an interest in desalination options.


Through a local installer, he learned about and was recommended AqSep desalination solutions. Subsequently, a ESTATE WATERMAKER was installed in 2011, which has had significant implications for his water supply.


After installing the ESTATE WATERMAKER, which produces 9,000 liters/2,300 gallons of fresh water per day, the water supply has been running perfectly. The homeowner expresses great satisfaction with the implementation of the product and the local service. Service has been conducted continuously by a local AqSep partner over the years.


The homeowner says: “It has made a major difference in the daily life of my family. We have perfect water for showering, washing clothes without discoloring and other daily needs. But most important, we can drink the water from the tap, and we can make our perfect Italian espressos. Every day!”


The AqSep turnkey solution has reduced his water costs and supplied him with his own independent and durable water supply of high quality. This enables him to have pure water for all his household purposes. The purchase of the desalination unit has thus been highly valuable to him.

Private water supply
Self-sufficient water


The private estate is situated at Jumby Bay; a private island off the coast of Antigua. The island has no natural water supply, and the private homes therefore depend on the island’s central water supply for fresh water and electricity.


AqSep found the perfect solution for the customer and his needs. For a private estate of this size covering 18,000 ft² (1,672 m²) with an 82’ (25 m) pool and multiple acres of land, a single watermaker is not enough to supply the estate with the required amount of water. For that reason, four RESORT WATERMAKER units were installed at the private estate. With this desalination system, the owner can self-sufficiently meet the demand for drinking water.


As the desalination units obtain power from the estate’s own solar power plant, they predominantly run during the hours where the sun reaches its highest point. The units then reap excess energy and harness this to produce fresh water. If required, power can also be taken from the solar cell system’s battery storage. Each RESORT WATERMAKER can run individually or in parallel depending on available power and water demands.


Read more about Jumby Bay Island at: www.jumbybayisland.com

Off grid water supply
Off grid water


The private luxury estate is situated on a large private cay beach lot with extensive new landscaping which requires large volumes of continuous irrigation. With a daily consumption of 5,000-10,000 gallons, the island’s “city water” costs would be very high. Moreover, the private cay constitutes a challenging location as the island can only be reached by private plane or private sea plane and boat transfer from a neighbouring island with a runway.


Thanks to AqSep desalination technology, the customer is now supplied with an independent and cost-efficient water supply that consists of a dual system of a RESORT WATERMAKER and a ISLAND WATERMAKER. Running two desalination units in parallel provides the added benefit of system redundancy. City water is therefore only considered as an emergency backup.


The turnkey installation features a submerged Grundfos pump intended for seawater operation, and both desalination units are equipped with a Danfoss variable speed drive that helps to protect against power quality fluctuations. The units are installed on rack in a pump house in the private estate, and both of them allow for remote monitoring and control.


One of the first activities in the construction process was to establish an AqSep water supply as a temporary setup in order to produce water during the construction period. This is what appears from the photo.


The AqSep solution has not only reduced the customer’s water costs and supplied him with his own independent and durable water supply of high quality, it has also made the customer’s dream of having extensive landscaping on a tropical island possible.

Self-sufficient water at Highbourne Cay


A villa in the Caribbean needed its water purification system upgraded. The existing unit was difficult to maintain and wasted large amounts of electricity. It was time to replace the unit with a high-quality system equipped with energy recovery.


An ISLAND Watermaker from AqSep was the perfect fit. Producing 5,700 gallons per day, (22,000 liters) the energy efficient AqSep unit reduced running costs by 63%, saving the environment up to 39 tons of CO2 per year. With the high-quality materials used in all AqSep models, the unit is expected to save our new client no less than US $180,000 during its estimated service life.