Your own offgrid water – down to

$7.5 per 1000 gallons / $2 per m³

… with AqSep seawater desalination units

The ECO WATERMAKER Series delivers fresh water from seawater and reduces running costs by as much as 63 % compared to a traditional water maker.

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Fresh water is essential to life and modern living, but it does not necessarily come easily. Are you tired of high water costs, poor water quality or even a lack of fresh water accessibility on a daily basis? If so, do like everyone else and turn to technology. Choose AqSep and become independent with your own abundant private water supply.


Through a well-established global network of local partners, AqSep offers you durable small-scale seawater desalination units that are available as turnkey solutions. Ideal for private or off-grid water supply. Equipped with a fully automatic energy recovery system, our watermakers operate with a low energy consumption that guarantees you cost reductions from day one. Read more about our seawater desalination, watermaker and reverse osmosis solutions here.


We believe in providing the best service for our customers, which our quick delivery and local presence emphasize. Gain access to pure water and obtain supply security using our remote-controlled and reliable desalination units ranging from 4 to 150 m³/day (1,000 to 40,000 gal/day). In close collaboration with our local partners, we deliver the perfect solution according to your needs. Contact us today on



Seawater desalination and reverse osmosis

At AqSep, we offer two product series of watermakers: the ECO WATERMAKER Series and the BUDGET WATERMAKER Series. Any seawater desalination unit in the two product series can form the heart of a turnkey solution provided by one of our partners.


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Private and commercial water supply

Here you will find a short presentation of selected cases that aim to show the many applications of our desalination units and the experiences our customers have had with our products.



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About off grid water and reverse osmosis

You can get your own private water supply or in the event of problems with your existing water supply, you can obtain a powerful back-up/supplementary water system.




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