A Caribbean company owner offering hotel laundry services struggled with expensive public water costs and poor water quality. Due to the inferior water quality, a fresh water treatment system was required before the public water could be used for commercial washing. However, the previously installed system involved a great deal of daily maintenance efforts, and it was therefore extremely time-consuming to run.


Through a local café owner, previously visited by AqSep, the customer learned about AqSep desalination technology which subsequently initiated a collaboration. A suitable solution was found, and the customer now has six ISLAND WATERMAKER units, four of which are used for normal operation.


Thanks to AqSep reverse osmosis technology, the company owner has achieved significant cost reductions. The customer has a daily consumption of 20,000-25,000 gallons. The direct costs of electricity for the desalination units are just above US$ 2,000, but in total it is a saving of approximately 80%. This allows a payback period of about one year. In addition, the water quality of the desalinated water has improved which results in less use of chemicals when laundering linen, and the time spent on maintaining the water supply has also been significantly reduced.


The company owner states: “Owing to AqSep’s desalination units, I now save money by producing my own water. Beyond that, the improved water quality results in reduced use of detergents. Overall, it has been a valuable investment.”




A Caribbean luxury rental villa consisting of 12 bedrooms and an 18-member staff to carry out the activities of a five-star resort with spa and swimming pool needed an independent water supply. AqSep found a suitable desalination solution, and four RESORT WATERMAKER units are now installed in a technical room near the villa. The installation was carried out by our local partner, Exowater, who continues to service the installation due to a service and maintenance agreement.


With a location on a sea front on Anguilla, electricity costs and water costs are high. As of August 2019, Anglec electricity tariffs are at US$ 0.63 per kWh plus US$ 0.21 per kWh in fuel surcharges. The Water Corporation of Anguilla charges $0.10 per gallon when using large amounts of water. Therefore, an independent water supply system with energy recovery greatly reduces operating costs.


The installed RO system has a total capacity of 11,600 gallons of water per day. If purchased from the public water company, this will result in a monthly water bill of US$ 18,000 or the equivalent of US$ 580 per day. However, by producing the same amount of water with an AqSep RO system, the operating costs will fall, resulting in a water bill of US$ 12,200 per month or US$ 187 per day. With these figures, there is a payback period of just one year. Moreover, when running multiple desalination units in parallel, it provides the added benefit of redundancy.


As can be seen in the photo, the desalination units are installed in a technical room that is situated in a building next to the main villa.


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