With a freshwater production of 11,000 liters/2,906 gallons per day, this desalination unit is ideal for large private homes, small to medium sized hotels and remote communities on islands or in coastal areas.

The RESORT WATERMAKER is designed for use where low energy consumption is a fundamental requirement. By optimizing the design, we have managed to maintain the high quality of water produced while reducing the energy consumption significantly to where mega plants are today around 2.2 kWh/m³ (8.3 kWh/1,000 gallons).


Like the other desalination units in the ECO WATERMAKER Series, this watermaker operates fully automatically and is thereby a true plug and play unit. It is additionally very compact as it measures no more than 1,192x504x412 mm (47x20x16 inches) and weighs 90 kg (190 lbs). The practical design makes it fast and easy for you to access all components.


Water production costs are typically less than Euro 0.6/US$ 0.8 per m³ or around US$ 3-4 per 1,000 gallons.


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The WM11000E-321: Energy-efficient, compact and easy to service.

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